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TZ Series

“TZ” Series Low Profile Unit Coolers.
Ideal for small commercial cold rooms, freezers, food prep areas and transport applications utilizing refrigerants R404A/R507, R22/R407C and R134a. Particularly advantageous where headroom is at a minimum. All “TZ” series unit coolers are available for :
Product Features :

– Aluminium Fin Coil with Epoxy coating for endplate / Full coating (optional)
– Axial Fan 300 mm. / EC Fan (optional)
– Aluminium powder painted casing / SS304 (optional)

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1. Low profile design provides maximum head clearance and space for racking and products.

2. Powdered coated steel and aluminum casings.

3. Drop-down, hinged type drain tray with connection at each end.

4. Efficient forced draught external rotor motors. 300mm Ø(50/60 Hz).

5. Panel doors each end for simple access to T.X valve, electrical box and defrost heaters.

6. Factory applied blue “Coat” coil protection.

7. 3/8 Rifle bore tubes for optimized coil performance.

8. Venturi type liquid refrigerant distributors permits max, versatility of refrigerants, and         operating range.

9. Fans and heaters (c/w hi-temp Klixon on low temp models) factory wired to junction box.

10. Partial defrost kits.


The “TZ” Series is the perfect solution where space is at a premium. This medium and low temp unit cooler best suits small commercial cool rooms, freezer rooms, food prep areas and transport applications. The clean low profile design boasts great efficiency whilst taking up minimum space to give you more room for your product.