Software (Version 1.0.0)

Selection Software in a few points:

  • Work with compressors and refrigeration units
    Ease of use
  • Multi-language capability
  • Ability to customize and retain settings
  • Reduce/eliminate printed data sheets user interface
  • Automatic update option for software and database
  • Modular user interface, entirely customizable
  • Direct link to product spare parts

You can work with compressors or condensing units in the language of your choice – 15 are available. Custom settings enable you to quickly recall frequently used conditions and add your own contact and client details.

  • Download Selection Software now and run the program to experience instant access to the compressor and refrigeration unit families.
  • Current program version:   v. 8.5.0 (04/02/2020)
  • Current database version: v. 43866 (05/02/2020)
  • Download full version B(Size: 174 MB / Date: 05/02/2020)

In the “Download” tab, you can download the latest complete version of Select Software.

To make the installation:

  1. Click on the download link, and download the installation file into a temporary location on your hard disk. You can then work offline if you wish.
  2. Double-click on the installation file and follow the screen instructions. You can install the program in a location of your choice as long as you have the rights to do it. Note that Select 8 requires .NET framework 4.6 (minimum) to work.